Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Workplace violence is increasing throughout America, threatening individual employees and workplace security.  Many cases go unreported due to fear of the perpetrator, minimizing the incident or lack of clear company policy.  Inaction likely will lead to further and increased violence and possible liability for the employer.  Murder is the second most frequent cause of death in the workplace and the first among female employees.

Domestic violence is the physical, sexual or psychological abuse of a partner.  Victims and batterers are of all races, ages, educational backgrounds, and income groups.  Both victims and perpetrators are employed with your company.  There are thousands and thousands of incidents of on-the-job violence each year, and most victims know their victims intimately.

In this section are a number of links to related web sites, articles, publications and reports available for download.   NCDSV maintains an extensive library of resources related to topics of domestic and sexual violence. Our staff librarian, Nancy Flanakin, will gladly refer you to helpful books, articles, videos, and other resources.



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