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Maryland v. King

BRIEF FOR AMICI CURIAE, Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Silver Spring, MD: January 2013. 

COLLECTING DNA AT ARREST: POLICIES, PRACTICES, AND IMPLICATIONS ~ FINAL TECHNICAL REPORT (executive summary and full report), Julie E. Samuels, Elizabeth H. Davies and Dwight B. Pope, Urban Institute, Washington, DC: May 2013. 

COLLECTING DNA FROM ARRESTEES: IMPLEMENTATION LESSONS, Julie Samuels, Elizabeth Davies, Dwight Pope and Ashleigh Holand, NIJ Journal (number 270), National Institute of Justice, Washington, DC: June 2012. 

HIGH COURT'S DNA RULING WILL HELP CATCH RAPISTS, Scott Berkowitz, CNN, June 3, 2013. Copyright © 2013 Cable News Network, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. See Maryland v. King.

MARYLAND v. KING, U.S. Supreme Court, Washington, DC: decided June 3, 2013.



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