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National Center trainers and consultants are among the most knowledgeable in the field, so you receive the most current information and learn the best practices. All National Center trainers are excellent communicators who know how to make complex issues understandable. And it is obvious that National Center trainers and consultants genuinely enjoy working with people. The National Center has extensive experience sponsoring national and regional conferences to inform professionals about current research and best practices on violence against women. Participants in our training sessions feel safe. They feel connected. They feel valued. They feel they are being informed. Above all, they feel empowered.

The National Center Offers Customized Training

  • We deliver powerful keynote speeches that energize organizations and inspire communities to action.
  • We custom design and deliver trainings, day long seminars and multi-day conferences on a wide array of domestic and sexual violence topics to meet learning objectives.
  • We provide comprehensive conference and meeting planning services.
  • We teach targeted groups how to work together to better serve victims of domestic and sexual violence. In doing so, we help these groups understand how their strengths can be complimented and their weaknesses mitigated by one another.
  • We train multiple audiences
    • Legal system (prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement, judges, court clerks and probation officers)
    • Domestic violence and sexual assault advocates and service providers
    • Health care system (doctors, nurses, therapists and substance abuse counselors)
    • Corporations (security, human resources and employee assistance)
    • Human services (TANF workers and child welfare workers)
    • Social workers
  • We train on diverse topics (this is just a sample listing)
    • Prosecution response to domestic violence and sexual assault
    • Law enforcement response to domestic violence and sexual assault
    • Community collaboration and coordinated community response
    • Domestic violence in the workplace
    • Military response to domestic violence
    • Dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault
    • Role of advocates

The National Center Provides Customer-Focused Consultation and Technical Assistance

  • We offer consultation to individuals and groups seeking to change laws or influence policy on violence against women issues.
  • We provide strategic planning and organization development services.
  • We answer technical assistance calls from all over the United States.
  • We participate in peer reviews, and help evaluate grants for the Office on Violence Against Women and the National Institute of Justice, among others.
  • We help evaluate research in the fields of domestic and sexual violence.
  • We help build bridges, connecting organizations and people who benefit by knowing one another, but who might not connect otherwise.
  • We share information about how problems are solved in agencies and organizations in all 50 states, thus saving partners from constantly having to “reinvent the wheel.”
  • We facilitate community collaboration efforts.
  • We lead multi-agency strategic planning efforts.
  • We collaborate with numerous state and national organizations that are also providing training, consultation and technical assistance on violence against women.
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