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9to5 – a national, membership organization of working women in the U.S. dedicated to putting working women's issues on the public agenda. By working together we've made things better for women and working families. We've worked for and won major national policies including: the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Civil Right Acts of 1991, the Family Medical Leave Act, and the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. These victories are a good start, but we've got more work to do. There are still too many hardworking Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, straining to support their families, Milwaukee, WI.

Alliance of Career Development Nonprofitsin 1999, five nonprofit Executive Directors across the United States decided to leverage their collective knowledge and experience to provide a greater impact and support for small, independent nonprofits providing work clothes and interview clothes to women seeking economic independence and leaving welfare. This small band of women became The Women’s Alliance with a vision of sharing resources, training, and support in all communities. In hopes of broadening the work begun 15 years ago, in 2014 TWA became the Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits to include career development organizations that serve men and teens.


Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence – UK – a group of companies who have come together to promote action against domestic violence through the workplace. CAADV-UK is a partner of the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence in the U.S.

Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence – a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the costs and consequences of partner violence at work - and eliminating it altogether. From policies and programs to legal issues and legislation, CAEPV is a credible source for information, materials and advice. It is the only national organization of its kind founded by business leaders and focused on the workplace. Since 1995, the Alliance has brought together dozens of progressive companies who exchange information, collaborate on projects, and use their influence to instigate change, Bloomington, IL. Blog.

David Hyde & Associates – a full service security management and business risk consulting and training practice. We offer independent, high quality advisory services underpinned by real-world security and risk management services, Toronto, ON, CA.


Domestic Violence and the Workplace, Maine Department of Public Safety – a web-based training tool, Augusta, ME. Copyright © 2004-2006 Maine Department of Public Safety.


Domestic Violence in the Workplace (available in multiple languages), WorkSafeBC – these resources comprise our online "tool kit" and are available to help employers understand their obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, recognize the signs of domestic violence, and take action to help keep workers and workplaces safe, Vancouver, BC, CA.

Domestic Violence Prevention at Work, ValueOptions – can help your workplace community design and implement programs and policies that respond to and help prevent domestic violence by treatment it as a health and safety problem, and ultimately a business issue, Norfolk, VA.


Employers Against Domestic Violence – a non-profit membership organization uniting Massachusetts employers with experts in the field of domestic and and workplace violence prevention. EADV identifies and recommends national and local best practices in the areas of public policy, prevention, intervention and training in order to help employers address the effects of violence in the workplace, Worcester, MA.

Legal Momentum ~ Workplace Rights the nation’s oldest nonprofit legal group dedicated to advancing the rights of women and girls. The mission is to ensure economic and personal security for all women and girls. Legal Momentum envisions a society in which all women and girls are economically secure, empowered to make their own choices, and can live and work free of discrimination and violence. In this society, all women enjoy the conditions, opportunities, and support that enable them to realize their human rights and freedoms, New York, NY.

Read April 8, 2014 news release, "Carol Robles-Román Appointed President and CEO of Legal Momentum".

2011 Annual Report.


National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence, WorkplaceViolence911 – a leader in the area of occupational violence prevention, the Institute serves as a center for research, consulting, training, and communication. Our mission is to educate employers, unions and employees about the growing threat of violence in the workplace and how to effectively deal with it. We focus on preventative efforts and prepare clients to respond appropriately should an incident of violence occur.

Peace@Work – dedicated to stop workers from being victims from any form of violence. Homicide is the leading cause of death for women at work and the second leading cause for all workers. Along with physical assaults, workers are continually threatened, harassed and abused by co-workers, intimate relations and customers, Raleigh, NC.

Workplace Campaign to End Domestic Violence – mobilize domestic violence stake-holders and advocates to increase public awareness and inform employers about the impact of domestic violence in their workplace and how businesses can take pro-active and effective prevention measures.


Safety and Health Topics: Workplace Violence, Occupational Safety & Health Administration, Washington, DC.


Safety and Respect at Work, LLCoffers effective employment training, policy and investigations services to large and small companies, non-profit agencies, and government entities throughout the United States, Framingham, MA.


Second Chances Employment Services (English and Español) – promoting financial security for at-risk women and their dependents through comprehensive employment placement services, Washington, DC.

Silent Witness: The People of Kaiser Permanente Tell Their Stories of Domestic Violence – includes stories from the People of Kaiser Permanente, using their own words.


Standing Firm – alerts employers to the financial, safety and human costs of partner violence on the workplace and workforce and arms them with tools for taking effective organizational action. There is a business case to support the idea that employers have a crucial role to play in protecting the workplace from violence related to partner abuse and in improving productivity and worker health by addressing partner violence as a workforce issue, Pittsburgh, PA.


U.S. Department of Labor, Washington, DC.

Career One Stop

Employment and Training Administration

My Skills My Future

Women's Bureau


Workplace Safety Toolkit, Nonprofit Risk Management Center – an employer’s online toolkit to protect employees and volunteers, Washington, DC.


Workplaces Respond to Domestic & Sexual Violence ~ A National Resource Center – offers information on the Internet for the benefit of those interested in providing effective workplace responses to victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, dating violence and stalking.



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