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Technology and Victim Support


ADT AWARE® Program: Protection for Abused Women – since 1992, ADT Security Services, Inc., has offered a life-saving program to address the scourge of domestic violence.  The ADT AWARE® program, which stands for Abused Women’s Active Response Emergency, is active in more than 160 communities nationwide.  It is credited with helping save the lives of 28 victims of serious domestic violence and has given countless other victims the piece of mind to escape an abusive partner.

Language Line Services – for 20 years, the World’s largest and only global provider of language services, Monterey, CA.

NetworkOmni® – helping organizations bridge language and culture barriers for more than 20 years. We are a full-service, single-source, world-class provider with more than 2,500 language professionals in offices spanning several continents that extend our reach around the globe, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Safety Net Project, National Network to End Domestic Violence – educates victims, their advocates and the general public on ways to use technology strategically to help find safety and escape domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking and abuse. Safety Net also trains law enforcement, social services and coordinated community response teams on how to identify and hold perpetrators accountable for misusing technology. Local, state and national policies reflect the success of Safety Net Project's efforts, which include helping courts to keep survivors' addresses and photos off the Internet and increasing the security of databases that house vital and confidential information about victims, Washington, DC.

The Wireless Foundation we're fostering wireless safety and responsible use, and rewarding VITA Wireless Samaritans who use everyday technologies in heroic ways. We're educating children, parents, teachers and policymakers on how to benefit from wireless. We're encouraging environmentally-responsible green cell phone practices. Our mobile health initiatives are promoting healthy babies, mothers and communities, Washington, DC.


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