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The Socio-Ecological Model: A Framework for Prevention


Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia Initiative – a 10-year community-based violence prevention initiative with the goal of eliminating all youth homicide in Philadelphia by the year 2016, Philadelphia, PA.


Bro Models – is focused on primary prevention and seeks to prevent violence before it starts. As mentors, fathers, brothers, sons, and friends, men and boys have the power to be positive male models and / or Bro Models.


CDC Foundation – partners with CDC scientists and leaders to connect public health needs and solutions, ideas with resources and passion with possibilities, Atlanta, GA.

Together Our Impact is Greater, August 3, 2017

Thankful: A Celebration of Our Partners, 2016

CDC Foundation Board of Directors Names Dr. Judith Monroe as Next President and CEO, December 14, 2015

A Celebration of Our Partners ~ Working Together. Saving Lives. 2015

Why I Give: A Celebration of Our Partners 2013-2014

The Power of CDC and You: CDC Foundation Report to Contributors 2012-2013

Fall 2009 Newsletter

Stopping Violence Before it Happens: State Domestic Violence Coalitions will Pursue Primary Prevention Strategies (DELTA PREP), July 8, 2009


Center for Violence Prevention – the mission of the CVP is to build the capacity of institutions of higher education, K-12 schools, victim service agencies, law enforcement and the criminal justice system to systematically implement best practice violence prevention, victim services and evaluation strategies in collaboration with state, family and community partners. The University of Northern Iowa CVP will function as a statewide training center offering annual conferences for community and campus victim-services providers, community and campus police and educators. CVP will support the development of best practices for responding to and preventing interpersonal violence at Iowa's three state universities, Cedar Falls, IA.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – online source for credible health information, Atlanta, GA.

Announcement: Leadership Changes within CDC's Division of Violence Prevention, August 18, 2014

CDC Advances Research to Prevent Youth Violence, Sexual Violence, and Child Abuse and Neglect, August 31, 2016

CDC Announces New Injury Center Director, September 18, 2014

CDC Announces Rape Prevention and Education Program Supplemental Awards, September 6, 2016

CDC Awards $30 Million to 23 state injury and violence prevention programs, July 5, 2016

CDC Expands Data Collection on Violent Deaths: Announcing Newly-funded Awardees for the National Violent Death Reporting System, September 1, 2016

Division of Violence Prevention Annual Report 2011

Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances (DELTA) – seeks to reduce the incidence (i.e., the number of new cases) of intimate partner violence in funded communities. The program addresses the entire continuum of intimate partner violence from episodic violence to battering through a variety of activities.

DVP Digest

April - June 2017

Winter / Spring Double Issue 2017

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Injury Center Research Priorities, 2015

Intimate Partner Violence: Prevention Strategies

Intimate Partner Violence Prevention

Prevention Status Reports (for each state and the District of Columbia)

Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Program, Grantee Profiles.

Secretary Price Appoints Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D., as CDC Director and ATSDR Administrator, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC: July 7, 2017.

Sexual Violence: Prevention Strategies

Sexual Violence Prevention

Updates from CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Linda C. Degutis and Mark Blagioni, Safe States Alliance Partner Meeting, Atlanta, GA: March 12, 2012.

VetoViolence was developed to provide grantees and partners with access to training and tools that focus on the primary prevention of violence. This portal includes free training, program planning resources, and an on-line application for the creation of success stories.


Close to Home ~ Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative – the mission is to foster community-wide responsibility to prevent and reduce the impact of domestic violence. We are building and supporting networks of community residents and organizations in local neighborhoods that want to take action and address the problem of domestic violence together. Close to Home believes that domestic violence is a critical community issue that all community members – youth, residents, families, friends, neighbors, civic leaders, and organizational partners – are essential to designing and implementing the solutions to the problem, Dorchester, MA.

Community Commons – allows users to quickly find and share data, maps, stories, videos and other information about the number, scope and results of community-related prevention and health-related programs in numerous geographic areas. It has hundreds of searchable profiles of community initiatives and promising strategies, stories and impacts.


Community Tool Box – this website provides practical skill-building information on over 250 different topics to support work in promoting community health and development. Topic sections cover leadership, strategic planning, community assessment, grant writing, and evaluation, to give just a few examples. Each section includes a description of the task, advantages of doing it, step-by-step guidelines, examples, checklists of points to review, and training materials. The Tool Box is created and maintained by the Work Group on Health Promotion and Community Development at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.


Demand the Change, Change of Heart, Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault – your are now one step closer to creating positive change in your life, community, and the world around you. This is where you will be able to find stories about people like you who have been able to Demand the Change or have a Change of Heart, hear from others who are working on the front lines of prevention efforts, and learn about other ways you can join the movement to end sexual violence, St. Paul, MN.


Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention, Virginia Department of Health – the program coordinates a statewide effort to prevent rape, sexual domestic violence, and dating violence. The program provides training, education, and outreach; as well as funding and technical assistance for primary prevention programming in local communities., Richmond, VA.


Futures Without Violence – creating futures without violence has been our vision for over thirty years. Now, it is also our name. From domestic and dating violence, to child abuse and sexual assault, FWV works to end some of the most pressing global issues of our time, San Francisco, CA.


Green Dot, etc. – though the primary mission of Green Dot, etc. is the reduction of power-based personal violence, we also recognize the inextricable link between effective prevention and effective intervention. As such, Green Dot, etc. includes, within its mission, the strengthening of intervention services and strategies across forms of violence.


Interpersonal Violence Prevention Information Center – the purpose of this site is to disseminate the work of Dr. Paul Schewe. His work ranges from basis research identifying factors associated with sexual assault victimization and perpetration, to developing preventive interventions, to using evaluation and dissemination strategies to further develop existing interpersonal violence prevention programs for agencies, communities, and statewide networks of service providers. The focus of his research includes sexual assault, teen dating violence, domestic violence, and early childhood interventions to promote positive social-emotional development, Chicago, IL.


Jackson Katz – is one of America's leading anti-sexist male activists. An educator, author and filmmaker, he is internationally recognized for his groundbreaking work in the field of gender violence prevention education with men and boys, particularly in the sports culture and the military. He is the co-founder of the MVP Strategies, the leading gender violence prevention initiative in professional and college athletics, Long Beach, CA.


Minnesota Men's Action Network: Alliance to Prevent Sexual & Domestic Violence initiated by the Minnesota Department of Health to build a public / private prevention effort that promotes male leadership. To this end, a collaborative effort between the MDH, Men as Peacemakers and the Gender Violence Institute has been created to develop a network of men and male leaders involved in primary prevention practices.


The Minnesota Summit to Prevent Sexual Violence E-Report – this electronic report contains text summaries, audio recordings, and videos from the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault's Minnesota Summit to Prevent Sexual Violence held in St. Paul, December 3-4, 2009. This report is designed not only to bring you an experience of The Minnesota Summit, but also to provide ideas and resources for leading prevention initiatives in your spheres of influence, St. Paul, MN.


MVP Strategies – was founded in 1997 by Jackson Katz, who remains its director. MVP Strategies oversees MVP trainings in a variety of settings, including colleges, high schools, community agencies, and other organizations in the public and private sectors, including professional sports clubs. In addition, MVP Strategies coordinates MVP trainings in the U.S. and Australian militaries. The organization works with post-secondary and secondary educational institutions in the design and implementation of gender violence, gay-bashing, and bullying prevention programs for students, faculty, staff, and administrators, Long Beach, CA.


National Crime Prevention Council – the mission is to be the nation's leader in helping people keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from crime. To achieve this, NCPC produces tools that communities can use to learn crime prevention strategies, engage community members, and coordinate with local agencies, including publications and teaching materials on a variety of topics; programs that can be implemented in communities and schools; local, regional and national trainings; public service announcements broadcast nationwide starring McGruff the Crime Dog; and support for a national coalition of crime prevention practitioners, Arlington, VA.



National Sexual Violence Resource Center – the mission is to provide leadership in preventing and responding to sexual violence through collaboration, sharing and creating resources, and promoting research. We envision a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are treated with dignity and respect and have full autonomy over their own bodies and sexual expression. NSVRC believes that through collaboration, prevention, and research-based resources, we are making the world safer and healthier, Harrisburg, PA.


National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center – is sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This website is designed to be useful to scientists, practitioners, advocates, grassroots organizations, and any other professional or lay person interested in current topics related to violence against women and its prevention.


National Violence Prevention Network – a broad-based coalition of national organizations dedicated to violent death prevention by advocating for the full implementation of the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) in the United States. Network members work together to generate support for NVDRS among policy-makers, the general public and other national organizations by educating them on the benefits of placing multi-source incident data collected on violent deaths in a central, state-level repository. Such activity would enable each state to design and implement prevention programs aimed at combating violence deaths.


Partnership for Prevention – we seek to create a "prevention culture" in America, where the prevention of disease and the promotion of health, based on the best scientific evidence, is the first priority for policy makers, decision-makers and practitioners who can make a difference in this area, Washington, DC.


Prevent Violence NC – is a cooperative effort by five statewide agencies to encourage coordinated violence prevention initiatives across North Carolina.
Here you’ll find the latest research and resources to help build key community, family, and individual strengths to prevent violence and promote health, Durham, NC.


PreventConnect, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault – building the capacity of local, state, national and tribal agencies and organizations to develop, implement and evaluate effective violence against women prevention initiatives, Sacramento, CA.

CALCASA awarded $2 million, five-year grant from CDC ~ National Center for Injury Prevention & Control ~ Funding will continue national PreventConnect project, October 4, 2012.


Preventing Violence Against Women, VicHealth, Carlton South, VIC, AU.


Primary Prevention ~ Texas Association Against Sexual Assaultthe resources available on this website are meant to provide tools, information, and guidance to rape crisis centers and other organizations and individuals who are interested in building communities that are free from sexual violence, Austin, TX.


Prevention ~ Texas Council on Family Violence – here are some tools, research and inspiration for your work in building a safe and healthy Texas, Austin, TX.


Prevention Innovations Research Center, College of Liberal Arts of the University of New Hampshire – a fee-for-service consulting, training, and research unit that develops, implements and evaluates cutting-edge programs, policies and practices that will end violence against women on campus, Durham. NH.


Prevention Institute – believes that a prevention approach that draws on all the necessary stakeholders is necessary to ensure that prevention efforts are systematic and comprehensive. By linking practices from public health, education, urban planning, social work, and other fields, communities can create conditions for healthier living, Oakland, CA.

Prevention means figuring out what causes people to initially perpetrate sexual and domestic violence, and interrupting that process so that sexual and domestic violence no longer occur. There are projects and resources already in place in Virginia that are helping to make this vision a reality. The Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance is pleased to launch a new section of our website that gathers and exhibits many of these fresh ideas and effective tools, Richmond, VA.


PreventIPV, IPV Prevention Council – learn more about the primary prevention of intimate partner violence; explore the impact that robust and sustainable prevention efforts can have on our culture; discover lessons learned from innovative and ground-breaking primary prevention initiatives across the United States; find user-generated tools that can be adapted in your community; and stay current on happenings of note in the prevention field.

Newsletter ~ Teaching Social Justice, Winter 2016

#PreventIPV Twitter Chat Storify Summary, June 18, 2104.

Inaugural newsletter, Summer 2014

Launch Postcard, June 5, 2104.

PreventIPV Launches, June 5, 2104.


prevenTN.com, Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence – this site serves as a simple, valuable reference tool for advocates, professionals and other individuals working in Tennessee to prevent sexual violence, Nashville, TN.


Safe States Alliance – a national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to serve as the national voice in support of state and local injury and violence prevention professionals engaged in building a safer, healthier America, Atlanta, GA.

Annual Reports ~ 2005 to current

Timeline of the Safe States Alliance (formerly STIPDA) & Other Milestones in Injury and Violence Prevention


SafetyLit – the online source for current and past scholarly research about all aspects of injury prevention and safety promotion, San Diego, CA.


School and College Organization for Prevention Educators an independent, not-for-profit membership association for prevention educators and professionals. SCOPE embraces an ecological, inclusive, holistic, feminist, public health, evidence-based and multi-disciplinary vision of prevention. To effectively promote the aims of the prevention community, SCOPE members deeply examine the causes of violence, health and safety risks, with society – including hate, intolerance, apathy, gender bias, racism, homophobia, stigmatization of mental health, objectification of the human body, ignorance, predation and discrimination – to foster effective, interconnected, strategic prevention, Hatfield, PA.


New Membership Association, June 15, 2011


Sexual Violence Prevention, Minnesota Department of Health – the exists to help people and organizations find effective ways to prevent sexual violence. We work to ensure that Minnesota's efforts are coordinated and represent best practices in prevention, St. Paul, MN.


Sexual Violence Prevention Initiative, Vera Institute of Justice – a partnership with New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault and 22 community-based agencies that serve victims of sexual violence in their communities. Its goal is to integrate primary prevention strategies into the agencies' existing activities, New York, NY.



Step Up! Be a Leader, Make a Difference, The University of Arizona C.A.T.S. Life Skills Program and National Collegiate Athletic Association – a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others. Teaching people about the determinants of prosocial behavior makes them more aware of why they sometimes don't help. As a result they are more likely to help in the future, Tucson, AZ.


Transforming Communitiesa national leader in the creation of contemporary, community-based approached to preventing violence against women and girls. By developing and implementing prevention campaigns and by disseminating best practices through trainings and publications, TC advances the prevention agenda, particularly within the domestic violence field. Drawing from the experience of effective social movements and the public health model of prevention, TC fosters sustainable change by building community ownership, promoting individual transformation, and fundamentally shifting the social norms that condone or support violence against women, San Rafael, CA.


UK ViolencePrevention – the purpose of this website is to provide a violence prevention resource for policy makers, practitioners and others working to tackle and prevent violence, Liverpool, UK.


Urban Networks to Increase Thriving Youth through Violence Prevention (UNITY), Prevention Institute – is designed to strengthen and support cities in preventing violence before it occurs and to help sustain these efforts. Young people are severely impacted by violence and those who live in urban areas are disproportionately affected. It is time to consider a new approach. To maximize existing resources and promote sustainability, we are proposing a paradigm shift – from programs to strategy, Oakland, CA.


Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability, World Health Organization works with partners to prevent violence through scientifically credible strategies that are conceived and implemented in relation to causes at the levels of the individual, family, community and society, Geneva, CH.


Violence Is Preventable – a multi award winning abuse prevention programme for children, young people and vulnerable adults throughout the UK. It works on three levels: 1) early disclosures meaning abuse is stopped sooner; 2) staying safe avoiding violent or abusive situations; and 3) changing the mind set of potential abusers of the future, Dundee, Scotland, UK.

Voices Against Violence Project – a forum to voice opinions, share stories and call others to action to prevent and respond to human rights abuses, especially violence against women and girls.


Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention – a private operating institute committed to breaking the cycle of violence in our homes, schools and communities on the local and national level. The Waitt Foundation has supported violence prevention efforts since 1993. To streamline our efforts, the WIVP was founded in 2005, by Ted Waitt. Through this work, we change social norms that accept violence as a part of life. Gender violence prevention is at the forefront of our work. School bullying and violence prevention is a vital part of our work. Reaching youth early and often is the key to changing attitudes and behaviors. Workplace bullying prevention is a new component to our work, Sioux City, IA.

Cindy Waitt Blog


We End Violence – Together we can... Make our culture a safer place for survivors of violence to share their stories and heal; Identify healthier ways of experiencing, expressing and teaching gender and sexuality; Change the cultural myths and norms that make all forms of discrimination, violence and violation so prevalent in our society; Encourage men to see their role in preventing violence committed by other men, without forgetting that men too are victims, and that violence has no gender; and Build alliances that will empower more people to speak out, San Diego, CA.


Youth ALIVE! – a non-profit public health agency founded in 1991 dedicated to preventing youth violence and generating youth leadership in California communities experiencing high rates of violence, Oakland and Los Angeles, CA.



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