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(See related pages: Trafficking in Persons, Prostitution / Sex Industry and Sexual Violence / Assault.)


Against Pornography – a feminist anti-pornography website which aims at raising the awareness about the harms of pornography (as well as of prostitution) to women and children ~ both inside and outside of the industry ~ and, also, the harms of pornography to its users, to relationships and to the society in general. The goals of this website are also to create a venue for people to speak of the harms of pornography, to encourage them to take action against pornography, to education them on the dangers of it, and to urge men to reclaim their fantasies from corporate power and regain their humanity.


AntiPornography.org – preventing and combating the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual slavery.


It's Time We Talked – a community-based project that supports young people, parents, schools, government and the community sector to understand and address the influence of pornography. It is auspiced by Brophy Family and Youth Services, in Warrnambool, AU


National Center on Sexual Exploitationis the leading national organization addressing the public health crisis of pornography and exposing the links between all forms of sexual exploitation. NCOSE embraces a mission to defend human dignity and to advocate for the universal right of sexual justice, which is freedom from sexual exploitation, objectification, and violence. To this end, NCOSE operates on the cutting edge of policy activism to combat corporate and government policies that foster exploitation, to advance public education and empowerment, and to foster united action through leading the international Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, formerly known as Morality in Media, was founded in 1962 in order to address the connections between pornography and sex trafficking, violence against women and children, harms to children, addiction, the breakdown of the family and more. In 2015 NCOSE established a Law Center to be the legal arm and counsel of the anti-sexual exploitation movement, with emphases in obscenity, sex trafficking, and prostitution law. NCOSE provides access to invaluable resources through its website for those who struggle with pornography, and their families. NCOSE also maintains a research website that compiles peer-reviewed data on the public health crisis of pornography.


The No-Porn Pledge – this site was created in response to those who claim that "Everyone uses porn," and to those who want to make you feel isolated and weird because you're uncomfortable with pornography use. Often, the primary goal of pro-porners is to convince you that you're uncool or you "hate sex" because you don't like porn ~ as if you're the one with the problem. As a result, far too many people ~ especially women ~ live their lives believing they're the "only ones" who dislike porn, and dislike their partners using it. We at NoPornPledge know that simply isn't true. There are actually thousands, if not millions of us. We just need to stand up and be counted. Our goal is to make you feel more comfortable about your discomfort with porn. As you can see by the number of people who have already signed the Pledge from all over the globe, you are hardly alone. This site is a place for you to publicly declare your porn-free status. By adding your name to the list, you are affirming that: you will not use pornography in any format and you will not date, sleep with, or have a serious relationship with a known pornography user.


NoFap® – a comprehensive community-based porn recovery website. We offer all the tools our users need to connect with a supportive community of individuals determined to quit porn use and free themselves from compulsive sexual behaviors. With our website, forums, articles and apps, NoFap helps our users overcome their sexual addictions so they can heal from porn-induced sexual dysfunctions, improve their relationships, and ultimately live their most fulfilling lives.


Restore One – the mission is opening and developing innovative safe home care that embraces holistic healing and therapeutic support for male survivors of sex trafficking, Greenville, NC.


Stop Porn Culture – education and activism are the twin cornerstones of Stop Porn Culture's efforts. Founded in 2004 by a group of feminist women and men, Stop Porn Culture is building a movement to end the objectification and abuse of women, and to begin to rebuild healthy male sexual identity, Boston, MA.



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