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American Judges Association – the objective and purpose of the Association is to promote and improve the effective administration of justice; to maintain the status and independence of the judiciary; to provide a forum for the continuing education of its members and the general public; and for the exchange of new ideas among all judges, Williamsburg, VA.


Avon Global Center for Women and Justice, Cornell Law School – works with judges, legal professionals, governmental and non-governmental organizations to improve access to justice in an effort to eliminate violence against women and girls, Ithaca, NY.


Center for Court Innovation – engages in both reflection and technical assistance, mining the lessons from its demonstration projects in New York and helping other jurisdictions launch their own problem-solving efforts. The Center's national work includes convening roundtable discussions, writing white papers, creating web sites and hosting site visits. Much of this work is devoted to encouraging and supporting replication, giving court planners in other states the tools they need to launch their own problem-solving initiatives. The Center has also begun to engage a wider audience of practitioners, scholars and policymakers in thinking through the role of problem-solving courts and how judges and attorneys can solve problems that have eluded conventional solutions, New York, NY.

Domestic Violence – specialized domestic violence courts are designed to improve victim safety and enhance defendant accountability, New York, NY.

Center for Elders and the Courts, National Center for State Courts – serves as the primary resource for the judiciary and court management on issues related to aging. The Center strives to increase judicial awareness of issues related to aging, provide training tools and resources to improve court response to elder abuse and adult guardianships, and develop a collaborative community of judges, court staff and aging experts, Williamsburg, VA.


Court Statistics Project – a joint project of the National Center for State Courts and the Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA) ~ publishes caseload data from the courts of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. These data are provided by the offices of the state court administrator in those jurisdictions. The extensive experience of the staff of CSP, along with adherence to the reporting framework provide by the State Court Guide to Statistical Reporting, ensures the quality and comparability of these data. The support and partnership of COSCA and the Conference of Chief Justices is an essential part of our success, Williamsburg, VA.


CourtWatch Montgomeryan all-volunteer, non-profit organization. We fight domestic violence by working to improve the process that abuse victims move through in our county courts. We monitor restraining hearings and document where things are working well, and where there are problems. We recommend innovative approaches gleaned from other judicial systems and from recent research.

Domestic Violence Courts, National Institute of Justice.

National American Indian Court Judges Association a 501(c)(3) organization and national association comprised of tribal justice personnel & others devoted to supporting and strengthening tribal justice systems through education, information sharing and advocacy. NAICJA was established in 1969 following the enactment of the Federal Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968. The Act requires tribes to follow certain requirements similar to those in the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution. Tribal courts are the forums where those rights are enforced. NAICJA's early goal was to provide education to tribal judges so that they could conduct proceedings in compliance with ICRA. As a national representative membership organization, NAICJA's mission is to strengthen and enhance tribal justice systems, Boulder, CO.


National Association for Presiding Judges and Court Executive Officers – formerly the National Conference of Metropolitan Courts (NCMC) — is an independent, nonprofit, education and research organization of chief / presiding judges and court executives in state and local trial courts regardless of size or jurisdiction. It is committed to enhancing the effective administration of justice in general, limited and specialized courts through strengthening leadership; modernizing court processes, technology and facilities; streamlining performance; promoting trial court innovations; and advancing judicial independence, the Rule of Law, and public accountability, Williamsburg, VA.

National Center for Access to Justice, Cardozo Law Schoolthe academically affiliated national organization exclusively dedicated to policy reform that helps people obtain justice in the courts. Our Constitution guarantees equal justice. Yet for too many people, courts are where they will lose their children, their homes, their life savings and their freedom – outcomes many of us would consider neither just, nor justly obtained. To enable people to secure the protection of the rule of law, whether to halt domestic violence, stop unlawful foreclosures and evictions, preserve family unity, claim wages and other employment protections, challenge unfair criminal prosecutions, and more, NCAJ works to make our courts more accessible and fair, New York, NY. Read Blog.


National Center for State Courtsprovides information and assistance to court leaders that helps them better serve the public, Williamsburg, VA.

Annual Report Archive (2002 - current)

Domestic Violence Resource Guide

Elder Abuse Resource Guide

Trends in State Courts

Victims Resource Guide


National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges is dedicated to serving the nation's children and families by improving the courts of juvenile and family jurisdictions. Our mission is to better the justice system through education and applied research and improve the standards, practices and effectiveness of the juvenile court system, Reno, NV.

75th Anniversary Timeline, 1937-2012

Family Violence and Domestic Relations

Trustee Elections and Meeting Highlights, August 7, 2012 ~ Project ONE Key Principles and Domestic Violence Awareness Month Resolution


National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association – support and promote court-appointed volunteer advocacy for abused and neglected children so that they can thrive in safe, permanent homes, Seattle, WA.


National Drug Court Resource Center – your centralized, one-stop source for all things Drug Court. Funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, NDCRC is a collective repository of all vital Drug Court information; latest research findings, funding opportunities, trainings, breaking news and announcements. NDCRC provides up-to-date information, networking and support to all Drug Court practitioners, training providers, national partners, Drug Court clients and citizens nationwide, Alexandria, VA.


National Family Court Watch Project – founded in 2004, it is the first known program to use a standardized observational instrument nationwide. We observe and report trends that the data collection reveals. The ultimate goal is to work with the public and judicial system to create methods and procedures that help resolve the problems we are finding in family courts across the country, Milford MI.


National Judicial Education Program: A Right to Justice for Victims a project of Legal Momentum, NJEP educates judges and justice system professionals about the ways gender bias can be a factor across the spectrum of civil, criminal, family and juvenile law, and how to prevent it. To promote access to the justice system and equality for women and men in the courts, NJEP creates and presents model judicial curricula, publishes articles in the judicial and legal press, and supports state supreme court task forces on gender bias in the courts, New York, NY.

Legal Momentum's National Judicial Education Program Announces New Educational Materials on Teen Dating Violence, February 11, 2016. See NJEP Resources on Teen Dating Violence.


National Judicial Institute on Domestic Violencea dynamic partnership among Office on Violence Against Women, Futures Without Violence and National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. The NJIDV provides highly interactive, skills-based domestic violence workshops for judges and judicial offices nationwide.

Veterans Courts, The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania.


WATCH making the justice system more effective and responsive in handling cases of violence affecting women and children, and to create a more informed and involved public, Minneapolis, MN.


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