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(Asian American, Hispanic / Spanish Language / Español and Native / Tribal may also be helpful.)

Beyond Diversity Resource Center – works to build a society that sincerely honors individuals because of their cultural differences. In its pursuits, the Center advances the moral imperative of respect and dignity for all persons through the elimination of oppression. The Center provides comprehensive training and education for those who work in communities to change the nature and quality of interactions among persons who are difference from each other. The Center promotes the exchange of ideas among practitioners and educators in fields related to human relations through conferences, meetings and publications, Mount Laurel, NJ.


Black Women's Blueprint – a civil and human rights organization of women and men. Our purpose is to take action to secure social, political and economic equality in American society now. We work to develop a culture where women of African descent are fully empowered and where gender, race and other disparities are erased. We engage in progressive research, historical documentation, support movement building and organize on social justice issues steeped in the struggles of Black women within their communities and within dominant culture, Brooklyn, NY. Read Blog.


A Foot in Both Places: Culture and Community at the Crossroads of War, American Friends Service Committee – an interactive educational toolkit, featuring stories, photographs, music, games and more. It is built around 25 interviews with Arab, South Asian, and Muslim community activists. It focuses on how communities have responded to the post–9/11 climate, and what types of alliances they have built to defend their civil rights and civil liberties. Also included is a comprehensive listing of resources and links for further study and action. This toolkit is designed for classroom or community use by faith communities, interfaith groups, educators, and activists concerned with issues of civil rights and civil liberties, immigrant rights, peace education, and anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia, Philadelphia, PA.

Incite! Women of Color Against Violence a national activist organization of radical feminists of color advancing a movement to end violence against women of color and their communities through direct action, critical dialogue and grassroots organizing, Minneapolis, MN.


Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community providing leadership to reduce domestic violence in the African American community, St. Paul, MN.

National Center for Cultural Competence – the mission is to increase the capacity of health care and mental health care programs to design, implement, and evaluate culturally and linguistically competent service delivery systems to address growing diversity, persistent disparities, and to promote health and mental health equity, Washington, DC.


North-American Islamic Shelter for the Abused – a non-profit organization of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), established as a vehicle towards alleviating issues related to abuse and domestic violence, Palo Alto, CA.


Racial Equity Tools – designed to support individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity. This site offers tools, research, tips, curricula and ideas for people who want to increase their own understanding and to help those working toward justice at every level – in systems, organizations, communities and the culture at large.


Ujima: The National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community – founded in response to a need for an active approach to ending violence against women in the Black Community. The Ujima mission is to create a world where black women & girls are valued, respected and safe. Our areas of focus are centered around domestic violence, sexual violence and community violence.


Women of Color Network – a national grassroots initiative responding to violence against women and families in communities of color. We are a place where Women of Color in grassroots and mainstream programs can connect across geographic, social, political and professional boundaries. Designed by and for women of color, WOCN is committed to providing women of color leadership, facilitating critical dialogues, and mobilizing for social justice issues. As a national advocacy initiative, our programming and issue areas are identified directly by the Network's Women of Color constituency, Harrisburg, PA.


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