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ABA Commission on Law and Aging – changing lives through research, education and advocacy, Washington, DC.


Ageless Alliance – connects people of all ages nationwide who stand united for the dignity of older adults and for the elimination of elder abuse. We recognize the value and dignity of older adults. We provide education resources about elder abuse and neglect to support abuse identification, prevention and intervention by communities and individuals. We provide online resources for survivors of abuse, their family members and friends, and their advocates. We provide means for abuse survivors, their family members and friends, and their advocates to unite and take action to eliminate elder abuse. This includes educating and advocating with legislators and communities, participating in coalitions and events, and involvement in other elder justice related activities nationwide, Irvine, CA.


Buckner International – transforms the lives of vulnerable children, enriches the lives of senior adults and builds strong families through Christ-centered values, Dallas, TX.


Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse & Neglect, University of California Irvine, School of Medicine, Irvine, CA.


Diverse Elders Coalition – we represent our nation’s diverse elder communities and are unified by an understanding that vulnerable older adults deserve access to needed resources, including healthcare services and financial security, so that they are able to age successfully with dignity, greater self-sufficiency and in the best possible health. Similar histories and experiences thread our organizations and drive our efforts. Our collective voice is rooted in perseverance, hard-earned wisdom and a desire to improve our country’s public policies and services for all older adults.


Elder Justice Initiative, U.S. Department of Justice – a resource for victims of elder abuse and financial exploitation and their families; practitioners who serve them; law enforcement agencies and prosecutors; and researchers seeking to understand and address this silent epidemic plaguing our nation's elders. Read news release launching website.


Eldercare Locator, U.S. Administration on Aging – connecting you to services for older adults and their families. You can also reach us at 1-800-677-1116 or by online chat.


International Federation on Ageing – we believe in generating positive change for older people throughout the world by stimulating, collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information on rights, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life of people as they age, Toronto, ON, CA.


International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse – founded in 1997, is dedicated to the global dissemination of information as part of its commitment to the world-wide prevention of the abuse of older people, Toronto, ON, CA.

National Adult Protective Services Association – a national non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization with members in all fifty states.  Formed in 1989, the goal of NAPSA is to provide Adult Protective Services (APS) programs a forum for sharing information, solving problems, and improving the quality of services for victims of elder and vulnerable adult mistreatment.  Its mission is to strengthen the capacity of APS at the national, state, and local levels, to effectively and efficiently recognize, report, and respond to the needs of elders and adults with disabilities who are the victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, and to prevent such abuse whenever possible, Washington, DC.


National Association of State United for Aging and Disabilities – the mission is to advance social, health, and economic policies responsive to the needs of a diverse aging population and to enhance the capacity of its membership to promote the rights, dignity and independence of, and expand opportunities and resources for, current and future generations of older persons, adults with disabilities and their families. NASUA is the articulating force at the national level through which the state agencies on aging join together to promote social policy in the public and private sectors responsive to the challenges and opportunities of an aging America, Washington, DC.

National Center on Elder Abuse, U.S. Administration on Aging – committed to helping national, state, and local partners in the field be fully prepared to ensure that older Americans will live with dignity, integrity, independence, and without abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The NCEA is a resource for policy makers, social service and health care practitioners, the justice system, researchers, advocates, and families, Washington, DC.

Elder Justice Roadmap Project, 2014

State Resources: Helplines, Hotlines and Information 1-800-677-1116.


National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life, a project of End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence – the nationally recognized leader on program development, policy and technical assistance and training that addresses the nexus between domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse/neglect. The vision of NCALL is to end abuse and neglect of older adults and people with disabilities by family members, caregivers and others with ongoing relationships with victims, Madison, WI.

National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse – an association of researchers, practitioners, educators, and advocates dedicated to protecting the safety, security, and dignity of America's most vulnerable citizens, Washington, DC. 


National Council for Aging Care – a resource hub for seniors and their families to learn more about the specific aspects of aging in place. You can visit our one stop shop for expert know-how in order to make the best decisions about in-home care, insurance, government assistance, and other financial resources, transportation options, and home remodeling. Guides provide advice and the resources you need to make these important decisions about the rest of you or your loved one’s life. Simply knowing the facts can help aging seniors feel more comfortable about impending life changes and, in turn, allow them to relax in the knowledge that they will be taken care of and there is a plan in place. More and more seniors are living longer and choosing to age at home instead of a nursing home or assisted living facility. AgingInPlace.org can help you navigate the sometimes-confusing aspects of preparing your home, your bank account, your body, and your mind for aging in place, Arlington, VA.


National Resource Center on LGBT Aging – is the country's first and only technical assistance resource center aimed at improving the quality of services and supports offered to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults. Established in 2010 through a federal grant, the NRCLGBT provides training, technical assistance and educational resources to aging providers, LGBT organizations and LGBT older adults. The center is led by Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Elders (SAGE) in partnership with 10 leading organizations from around the country, New York, NY. 

Older Women's League – as the only national grassroots membership organization to focus solely on issues unique to women as they age, OWL strives to improve the status and quality of life of midlife and older women. OWL is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that accomplishes its work through research, education, and advocacy activities conducted through a chapter network, Washington, DC.


Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Elders – incorporated by lesbian and gay activists and aging service professionals in 1978 as Senior Action in a Gay Environment, SAGE is the world's oldest and largest non-profit agency addressing the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender elders. SAGE works with LGBT elders to address and overcome the challenges of discrimination in older adult service settings, while also being an essential component in the creation of informal caregiving support and development of new "family" networks, New York, NY.



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