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11th Principle: Consent! – we value the transformative experience of sensual and consensual touch, play, and interaction. We believe that consent plays a vital part in our connectivity and community. Our vision is that all parties participate in a physical encounter from a place of enthusiasm and autonomy. Consent must be explicitly granted from an individual who is clearly in a state of mind to be able to grant it. The 11th Principle: Consent! promotes awareness about consent within the burn community (and beyond!) through demonstration, interaction and participation.


Advocates for Youth – champions efforts to help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Advocates believes it can best serve the field by boldly advocating for a more positive and realistic approach to adolescent sexual health, Washington, DC. Read Blog.

Consent Is Sexyis essentially a Sexual Rights Awareness campaign, targeting students in High Schools, Colleges and Universities. It promotes: the awareness and practise of respect, consent and open discussion; responsible, safer sex; sexual health and emotional well-being; and gender equality and equality of rights in relationships. It counters: interpersonal and relationship abuse, sexual assault, intimate partner rape and acquaintance or date rape; gender discrimination and homophobia.


Consent is So Frat – a movement of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters believing that consent and healthy relationships should be part of what it means to be Greek. Within organizations focused on leadership and community, we should be able to treat the men and women on our campuses with respect. With the understanding that the values written into our organizations teach us to act this way, we want to spread the message that Consent is So Frat.


FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture – a creative activist collaboration to upset the culture of rape and promote a culture of consent. FORCE designs communications campaigns to generate media attention and get millions of people talking.  Nationally known for producing large-scale public art projects, FORCE believes that a more difficult and honest conversation needs to happen in America to face the realities of sexual violence, and envision a world where sex is empowering and pleasurable rather than coercive and violent.


National Coalition for Sexual Freedom – formed in 1997 by a small group led by Susan Wright under the auspices of the New York SM Activists. The goal was to fight for sexual freedom and privacy rights for all adults who engage in safe, sane and consensual behavior, Baltimore, MD. See BDSM and Intimate Partner Violence Training opportunity.


Planned Parenthood – is the nation's leading sexual and reproductive health care provider and advocate, New York, NY.

Say It With a Condom
believes that condoms are a powerful tool to start a conversation about your brand, product, service or event. We know what we're designing isn't just a tagline, it's your message - and a lot of people will receive it. That is why our goal is to create impactful condom marketing campaigns that inform, educate and engage. Our clients choose to say it with a condom because they know it will bring their message the attention it deserves. See college examples.


Teach Consent, a project of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance – teaching kids about the skills of consent can help reduce sexual coercion, harassment, and even assault. The ASK. LISTEN. RESPECT. video was created for tweens and teens ages 11-16 to show concrete examples of: how to ask for consent; what enthusiastic, verbal consent looks like, and; how to respond to "no" respectfully. You can use the video and accompanying discussion guides (one for parent, one for group facilitators) to spark conversations with teens about respectful relationships, the importance of consent, and how teens can ask for and give consent in their friendships and dating relationships.


YES TO SEX – the only safe sexual consent app, encourages all partners to decide on protection together, prior to personally consenting, then provides safe words & reminds partners that consent is ongoing, Mooresville, NC.

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