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Bravelets™ – there are times in all of our lives where we need to be brave ~ whether for ourselves, for our family, for our friends, or even for a complete stranger. Bravelets™ jewelry is more than just something to wear. They are a symbol of hope, strength and courage. They are designed to help you be brave in the toughest of times. Bravelets™ is not a non-profit organization. We are a for-profit company with giving at our core. We want you to know, when you look at your wrist, hand or neck, that 10% of each item you purchased was donated to your cause. We want you to know that you helped make a difference. Read Blog. Watch and read how Stephanie Hanson started Bravelets in Austin, TX in 2012. NCDSV is proud to be among the early organizations supported through Bravelets!

Buy Domestic Violence Awareness or Sexual Violence Awareness jewelry and 10% of each item purchased is donated to the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Below are the designs, which are all available in purple or teal. See the domestic violence or sexual violence page for more details and variations.






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Read Kat's Interview with Debby Tucker in the Bravelet's Blog, April 12, 2016.








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