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The National Center works to change laws and influence policy of domestic and sexual violence.

In some instances, changes in the law are necessary to improve the way a system responds to domestic and sexual violence. In other instances, changes in procedures are sufficient to improve response.

The National Center has extensive experience advocating for changes at the local, state and federal levels. Our consultants have been intimately involved for more than 40 years changing laws impacting victims of domestic and sexual violence in Texas and Illinois. In addition, they were directly involved in the drafting and passage of the original Violence Against Women Act in 1994.

Our most recent advocacy effort was related to domestic violence and welfare, poverty and low-income issues.

Issues Affecting Low-Income Women

The National Center works with local, state and federal agencies, domestic violence service providers, university research programs, and others with expertise to develop and implement policies for assisting welfare recipients and other low-income individuals who are domestic violence victims so they can move safely from welfare to work.

The National Center worked for the successful passage of a bill in the Texas Legislature requiring training for eligibility workers who come into contact with people applying for public assistance through the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program. The training teaches eligibility workers to screen for domestic violence among applicants, and also teaches them how to link applicants to resources and support in dealing with domestic violence. For more information on the specifics of how TANF impacts victims of domestic violence click here.




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