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911 / Emergency Call Taking Audio Recordings


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: TRAIN-THE-TRAINER PROGRAM, Office of State and Local of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Glynco, GA: February 3, 2003.

To listen to the audio clips, right click on the link to download / save to your hard drive.

The Physician (5:09)
Family of Four (5:59)
Lisa (10:06) ~ Transcript, Video and Update (the images in the video are not actually violent in nature, however, take time to prepare yourself before watching it)
Calm Kyle (36:52)


The following clips of 911 Calls are courtesy of Mark Wynn of Wynn Consulting, Nashville, TN.

Domestic Abuse

Newport News




Clips from these recordings MAY be used in training and public education efforts, including public service announcements (PSAs), as long as they are presented EXACTLY as they are posted on this site, with the appropriate credits.




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