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H. Victim Services Analysis – Appendix (VII-1 through VII-25)  



VII   Appendix Cover
VII-1    We Are Here, Anonymous
VII-2 Restricted Response Flow Chart [DA Restricted Response Pathway]
VII-3 Restricted Reporting Policy for Incidents of Domestic Abuse, U.S. Department of Defense, January 22, 2006
VII-4  Restricted Reporting Policy for Incidents of Domestic Abuse – Civilians, Army Family Advocacy Program
VII-5 Restricted Reporting Policy for Incidents of Domestic Abuse – Military Community Brief, Army Family Advocacy Program
VII-6 Restricted Reporting Victim Preference Statement, April 2006
VII-7  Confidentiality Policy for Victims of Sexual Assault, U.S. Department of Defense, March 16, 2005
VII-8 Violence Against Women and the Faith Community: Online Publications, Books and Organizations, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, August 2006

Victim Advocate Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Protocol, Fort Campbell

VII-10 Domestic Abuse Training for Chaplains, U.S. Department of Defense, January 29, 2004
VII-11 AR 608-18 Family Advocacy Program Abuse & Maltreatment Terms, updated May 2006
VII-12 Domestic Abuse Identification and Assessment Training for Health Care Providers, U.S. Department of Defense, February 6, 2004
VII-13 Medical Service Medical Management of Sexual Assault, MEDDAC Reg 40-21, Fort Campbell, December 15, 2005
VII-14 AR 608-18 section 2-10. Training, September 2004
VII-15 American Bar Association Teen Dating Violence Toolkit, U.S. Department of Defense, May 11, 2006
VII-16 Army Community Service Family Advocacy/Victim Advocate Program – “Helping Military Families Plan for a Happier and Brighter Future”
VII-17 Victim Advocate Safety Plan (DD Form 2893), U.S. Department of Defense, March 2005
VII-18 Overview of Case Review Committee (CRC) Process
VII-19 Victim and Witness Assistance (Directive #1030.1), U.S. Department of Defense, April 13, 2004
VII-20 Victim Advocate Roles, Fort Campbell
VII-21 Blanchfield Army Community Hospital Protocol for Emergency Medical Treatment of Sexual Assault Victims
VII-22 Duration of Payment for Transitional Compensation for Abused Dependents, U.S. Department of Defense, July 14, 2004
VII-23 U5920 Travel and Transportation for Dependents Relocating for Personal Safety, February 24, 2004
VII-24 Community Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence in Montgomery County, TN
VII-25 Reach Out for Help…SafeHouse – A Domestic Violence Program & Shelter, Clarksville, TN



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