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D. Order of Protection Violations – Appendix (III-1 through III-6)  



III   Appendix Cover
III-1    Uniform Code of Military Justice Articles Relating to Domestic Violence
III-2 Violations of Orders of Protection: A Manual, Legal Aid Society, Clarksville, TN
III-3 Dual Prosecutions for (1) Contempt for Violating an Order of Protection and (2) Violation of Tenn. Code Ann. §36-3-612 for Knowingly Violating a Protective Order – Opinion No. 06-085, Attorney General, State of Tennessee, May 9, 2006
III-4  Warrantless Arrest on Ex Parte Orders of Protection – Opinion No. 06-094, Attorney General, State of Tennessee, May 22, 2006
III-5 Order Granting Bail for Abuse Cases, Tennessee
III-6 Effect of Public Chapter No. 394, Public Acts of 2005, on ex parte Orders of Protection and Domestic Abuse Bail Conditions – Opinion No. 05-183, Attorney General, State of Tennessee, December 22, 2005



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